This ain't the Whisky, man. Let's go....

Kid you're good a-lookin' but you don't know what'sa cookin'

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"Can you imagine a nicer Christmas present for Heaven than for Dean Martin to enter through the Pearly Gates on Christmas Day?"

I know there are many people out there like myself who today are thinking about this man. And even though it’s Christmas there’s kindof a lingering sadness that we lost such a great man on what’s supposed to be such a joyous day. I know it’s pointless saying don’t cry (there never stopped anyone, did it?) but we must celebrate his life and the fact that he lived and we can enjoy him whenever we please. He means a great deal to me personally and that’s why I’ll toast to his spirit today. To a wonderful man, not exactly perfect but wonderful all the same. We miss you today more than any other. And we love you always.

Dino Paul Crocetti 7th June 1917 - 25th December 1995  +

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